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El Pico Duarte

April 23 the 2022

Pico Duarte is 3,087 meters above sea level, it is the highest point in the Antilles. It is located in the central mountain range, which is a mountain chain in the center of the country and is located between the municipalities of Constanza, Jarabacoa. As calculated, the Duarte peak is located at the following coordinates: Latitude 19º 01 ‘23.82 North and Longitude 70º 59’ 54.83 West.

The climb to Pico Duarte is an adventure that many foreigners and Dominicans undertake every year to enjoy a trip on foot or by mule. You will go from a tropical forest to the pine forest of the J. Armando Bermúdez National Park, walking through thousands of ferns, you will appreciate a great diversity of birds, such as parrots, goldfinches, and other exotic birds, you can also cross rivers and streams.

For this type of activity, it is advisable to go in a group and hire an event organizer of this type, since these usually include things such as snacks, a first aid kit, water, guides, mules, etc.


  • Train at least 6 months before: say running, jogging, going to the gym, any physical activity where you put your endurance to the test.
  • Your mental state is important, that is, be positive, from the moment you start to walk, repeat «I can» and do not forget to breathe slowly. The combination of these two, the breath and the mind, are very important and must be in sync. Never try to go to the rhythm of anyone even if you are accompanied, each person has their own rhythm and if you are very tired you cannot go along with someone else, you should not stop to wait for your companion because you will use your resistance that you will need And if this is the case, the guides will be able to give you assistance if necessary.
  • Carry sugars (sweets), since the main function of sugar is to provide the energy that our body needs for the functioning of the different organs, such as the brain and muscles, there should always be sweets in our hand backpack and along with our bottle of water or canteen. Note: this backpack should not be very big or heavy since you will use it from the beginning of the walk at dawn until sunset and if it is very heavy it will take away your strength.
  • Remember that the suitcase along with the sleeping bag and tent will go separately on pack mules and the tour will be ordered with whoever you go.
  • Buy the boots that you are going to use a few weeks before and use them several times when doing exercises, going out or at home, so you get used to them and never wear them new because they can mistreat your feet when you start walking so many hours, so it is advisable to buy it and use it before going to the pico Duarte so that they are widening.
  • The clothes that you must wear, say two or three pants, must be for the cold, or, failing that, sports pants in thick cotton fabric. If you opt for jeans you must wear some Mayas or lycra underneath since walking for so many hours can peel you.
  • Gloves, scarves, hats, flashlights, climbing sticks, or poles, below an image, serve to maintain balance when you go down or up slopes, so you will avoid falling and injuring yourself.
  • It is important to carry a first aid kit, and menthol ice so that at night you can place it on all your legs and give you a massage, muscle relaxant, and repellent (although with the cold it is used very little).
  • Carry tennis shoes in the backpack that goes with the other things that you do not carry upstairs in case your boots break, because once up there you will not be able to go down and less to go shopping.

Finally, keep your disposition and you will achieve your goal and happy trip, this is one of the best adventures you will have in life, I hope you enjoy this trip, take the positive side and you will get great benefits. Remember everything you can achieve to the extent that you are convinced that you can do it. The first time you do it, you will want to do it every year. If on the first visit to the peak you cannot make it to the top, try again, but never give up.

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