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Learning the language

April 20 the 2022

Learning a new language can be a challenge, however, the Dominican Republic is a great place to learn or improve your Spanish since the locals are very friendly and willing to help you.


The best way to learn some Spanish is to mingle with locals and start a conversation with taxi drivers, waiters, a cashier at the supermarket and so on. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes because Dominicans are willing to help you.

Dominican television

An effective way to learn the Spanish language is to watch the Dominican television which is all in Spanish or English programmes dubbed into Spanish.
Another effective way are the online programmes and CDs that will help you to learn the language.

Language schools

There are several Spanish language schools throughout the country, mainly concentrated in the major cities. Languages schools provide group classes or individual lessons, depending on your budget and availability. If you’re moving to the country for work check if your employer will provide Spanish lessons as part of your relocation package.  

Private tuition

There is always the possibility of private tuition.
One-on-one attention ensures you learn the Spanish language faster and tends to be more effective than learning Spanish in a group.

Another way to learn Spanish privately is to try language exchange, these are usually free and you spend half the time practising your Spanish and the other half speaking your native language.
In addition to learning Spanish, a language exchange is an easy way to make new friends as well.


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