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Getting a driving license in the Dominican Republic

Valid driving license:

When your embassy validates the driver’s license:
You must present valid licenses from your country of origin for certification from the Dominican embassy or consulate offices of your country which will verify the validity of the license.

Once you have this you need to take your documents to be authenticated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Mirex).
You will need to provide photocopies of all documents and pay the applicable taxes. 

When your embassy does not validate the driver’s license:
If your embassy cannot validate your license, you will need a cedula and an identification card for Dominican citizens.
Once you have the cedula and the authenticated licenses from your embassy and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, you need to visit the Department of Motor Vehicles and take along the following:

  • A valid license from your country
  • Passport (valid at least for a year more)
  • Payment of fees for a medical exam, blood test, and license at Banco de Reservas
  • Medical exam and blood test results

The cost for foreigners is more expensive than for the locals since there are the added costs of documentation fees and both driving and medical tests.

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